The best script mailer inbox alexusmailer v2.0

alexus mailer sender

Multithreading emailing with history (History size can be changed from settings)

  • Can send in background (you can close script page)
  • Visual editor (and raw code editor)
  • API for communication between alexusMailer and other scripts or applications
  • Can load recipients and all major fields from files
  • Macroses in email text and all fields
  • Unlimited amount of additional fields
  • Saving and loading email template (Backwards compatibility with 1.* templates)
  • Auto attaching images from tag and background attribute in html(e) mode
  • All major fields are multiline and can enumerate while sending
  • Preview
  • Authorization on script
  • Unlimited amount of attachments to email
  • Optional delay
  • Balancing through external servers by web shells (wso2, r57, c99, ars)
  • Web Shell cheking with log
  • http proxy for communications between alexusMailer and web shells
  • Personalization tools for emails
  • Needs only php and sendmail

download the best smtp inbox alexusmailer v2.0

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